A portrait a week, every week, in 2013.


Lauri and I go to college together. We completed our consolidation projects at the end of first year a desk apart and both got into our first choice speciality, visual communications. Now we spend our days comparing projects, moaning about our tutors and distracting each other from essays. Last week Lauri blue tacked up the door of my locker so I couldn’t get into it and I have yet to think of a way to get him back (suggestions are welcome in the comments section). 

Over the past two years Lauri’s confidence has grown in leaps and bounds, nearly all trace of the shy guy who got up to speak about his first project has disappeared. That comment will probably embarrass him but, I have to be honest, it has been pretty incredible to witness. Lauri lives in Dublin with some of my other friends and they always throw the best parties…despite this independence he still brings his washing home to his mammy every week (which we never let him live down in studio!). 

Lauri makes me laugh every day, he is always up for a bit of gossip and is a genuinely happy guy, all of which makes him damn nice to hang around with. 

*this post is part of Jodi’s 52 Project.