We’re working on a new project in college using Adobe AfterEffects. We were supplied with music —a term I use exceptionally loosely here— created by students in the Irish Academy of Music and were instructed to make a 90 second animation/film to accompany it. Both myself and my friend Nicole got the same piece…a dancey/synthy/scream-y piece that was, emm, shocking to say the least. We had the pleasure of meeting the composer, Edgar, last week and he couldn’t have been a nicer guy. He was so positive about our ideas and though I can imagine they weren’t at all what he was expecting he seemed really enthusiastic and spurred us on to do our best.

The screaming part of the song threw me for a loop (who really wants to listen to blood curdling screams?!) but I think I worked out a plan that makes it less murder-y and a little more funny. I hope anyway. My idea is based around matryoshkas and the gif above is my little character that splits, loops, jumps and flashes for 90 seconds of mayhem.

I thought learning AfterEffects would be a non-stop headache but I am actually really enjoying it. I think I’ll post the finished piece here…if you’d like to see.