Mica Warren :: Illustration

My friend Mica is the coolest. His notebooks always blow me away, full of little characters and funny illustrations that are equal parts expressive and simple. When Mica posted these brilliant illustrations of his brother Ben and friend Lee I offhandedly asked in the comments if he would do one of me. Then I thought nothing of it. 

Can you imagine my excitement when I signed into facebook to see my very own custom illustration looking back at me?! Excited doesn’t cover it! Mica said sheepishly that he ‘isn’t very good at drawing girls’ but I know that that’s just not true. 

Mica you are a true gent, I will treasure this illustration for years to come…because I know one day those drawing hands of yours will make you rich and famous! 

PS I started blogging for the wonderful  Illustration Friday. Check out my first post here.