Spring Cleaning

Maybe it’s a craving for Spring (the weather is unaware yet but I am holding out for the sun to rear it’s beautiful head someday soon) but I am feeling the need to change things up and clear things out. Spring cleaning, if you will.

Moving home after housesitting for my brother and his girlfriend left my room in tatters. Clothes covered almost every surface and a layer of dust had settled in my absence. On Saturday as my sister and her boyfriend were packing up to move out I started tackling the almost unsurmountable mountains of clothes—half of which I never wear by the way. Before long my bedroom looked like like a bomb had exploded.

Having a messy room makes my head fuzzy. There is nothing more calming than waking up somewhere clean and tidy. I often spend an extra hour cleaning my bedroom the night before my birthday (Richard thinks this is particularly bizarre) just so that I can wake up extra refreshed and rested on my birthday morning.

I only wish that this realisation made me keep my room immaculate at all times but it doesn’t. It really just means that I’m unsettled and frustrated at the state of my shelves, desk, armchair, chest of drawers and bedroom floor more often than not. I still haven’t finished Saturday’s job but I have completed a huge clear out of clothes, a bag for the charity shop and a modest pile for ebay if you’d like to have a peek…most of these clothes are barely worn and some are hard to part with but letting go is good.

PS I just re-arranged the furniture and am now lying in bed next to the draftiest window in the house…a cool breeze is literally blowing in. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we woke up to snow tomorrow, it’s freeezing out there!