Easter! Chocolate! Holidays!

I am guessing no one wants to hear that I caught the vomiting bug from Emily and spent all of yesterday on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy (pretty sure it was an all time record of 17 episodes in one day) so I won’t go into the details…here’s some Easter happenings instead!

On Easter Sunday I had lunch at Richards with his family and sweet granny. She drives a green mini, his dad and brother drive a dark blue one and Richard’s is black. The three of them looked hilarious in the driveway that afternoon. Later on we went back to my house for Easter dinner and games (the cereal box game got particularly competitive!) with my family. It was nice and chilled and not overly easter-y, which was good. And there was lots of chocolate. 

The rest of the holidays have been spent working, minding the munchkin, watching tv, and being sick. Not all good but not all bad either. How was your Easter friends? 

Photos 1, 4, 5 & 6 by Richard.