Photo of Lily by Richard.

Sometimes beginning the day anxious about the number of things on your to-do list means ending the day with lots of them crossed off. Sometimes waking to a messy kitchen and piles of dishes means that all the washing in the house gets done. Sometimes minding a clinging sad baby means that you get to go for a longer-than-expected walk in the freezing cold with your favourite person. Sometimes not getting to eat lunch until four means that dinner turns out to be a delicious scavenger hunt of the fridge/freezer.  Sometimes the days where you start out feeling more than a little snowed under end with calm and relaxation.

Sometimes the days where things are most unorganised end with things most organised.

Today was like that. And I am thankful for my clean and tidy house, my clean clothes, my beautiful boyfriend and those 700 words I managed to bang out on the keyboard for my essay this evening. Today was definitely a shit day turned good. I am thankful, and happy.

PS This week’s /52 be a little late :)

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