A portrait a week, every week, in 2013.*


Dave O’Hara is sweetness personified. He‘s probably cringing reading this because no dude wants to be called sweet, but this guy is. He is the loveliest of guys, never has a bad word to say about anyone and when prompted can talk about how wonderful his girlfriend is for ages. All good things in my book. He is proud and good and kind and seriously talented. He designed some Mowgli Apparel for Mica and is pictured above ‘modelling’ it. Though it didn’t feel like modelling or photographing or ‘work’ of any kind because we spent the day laughing and smiling (at Dave’s ridiculous faces for one and at the fact that he made himself into a human basketball hoop for another). He’s also a particularly gifted barber…just ask Mica ;) 

*yeh yeh I’m crap at this project. 17/52 will be up tomorrow and 18 on Sunday. The weeks are literally flying by and I can’t keep up.