A portrait a week, every week, in 2013.*


This beautiful lady is going out with my brother and they live together in the loveliest little hobbit house…the doors are round at the top and there’s pretty things everywhere you look. I could not ask for a better almost-sister-in-law than Trisha, she is so funny and kind and fiercely independent, traits I will always admire in a human. Trisha’s wardrobe is vast and she carries herself with an enviable confidence, it seems like she always looks her best. I may or may not have tried on quite a few jackets and shoes while living in their house this spring! 

I asked Trisha if I could photograph her for my current college project and I am so thankful that she agreed without hesitation. The photographs turned out gorgeous. Especially the one above, don’t you think? 

Trisha works hard, laughs often and has a strong sense of family—herself and her sister Nadia are thick as thieves. I am so so excited that one day soon she may become an official member of our ridiculous family. We all love her to bits.

*Almost caught up…back on track with 18/52 tomorrow.