Finished. Finally.

And so, another college year is over. It all ended last night with an exhibition of our final project. You can see a part of mine above. I also wrote a bit about it here.

 I shot portraits of the most influential women in my life, asked each of them what the most important or valuable thing they learned was and then I made it all into a zine. It was printed by The Newspaper Club and seeing the finished product delivered to my door made my week, it is so so beautiful and felt so real.

A part of my own essay and some photographs from the project were featured on the Optiko blog this week too.

I am feeling pretty exhausted today but it’s a mighty nice feeling being on summer holidays…especially as the sun is actually shining today! I have no immediate plans except relaxing and eating and watching lots of my newest (old) addiction.

Happy Friday folks, I hope you have a lovely weekend :)