A portrait a week, every week, in 2013.


This picture epitomises Chris to me: hard working, quiet, gentle and unobtrusive. Chris literally, never stops working. He juggles earning a humble living, excelling in college work, designing for freelance clients and spending time with his beautiful girlfriend seemingly effortlessly. Though I think I know his secret, Chris never sleeps! I don’t know how he does it because I would turn into an absolute bear if I tried to survive on as little sleep as Chris manages. Despite being the busiest guy I know Chris is also the most willing and helpful friend. He will assist anyone with any design (or paper or printing or anything-whatsoever) problem and does so without ever being patronising or rolling his eyes in boredom.

Chris always gives of his best and gets every job done to the highest of standards. He reminds me to keep on trying and experimenting and working because one can almost always do better. Chris is a constant reminder to me that doing your best is so much more important than being the best*.

*and I truly believe that for former leads to the latter in many respects anyway