24/52 (long long overdue)

A portrait a week, every week(ishhh), in 2013. 


My little brother is not so little anymore. He never really was actually, people mistook us for twins often when we were small. We were both tall for our age but in his case Eoin continued to grow after the age of 10 and I did not. I went from being the tallest in the class to being of pretty average height but Eoin grew and grew like a weed. At one stage he could not tell where his limbs ended and the world began—it made him a terrible hockey player but a damn fast walker. He can now pick me up, turn me upside down and swing me around, which is less than desirable when you are trying to be a bossy big sister. 

I am very proud of my little brother. He is so much fun to be around and when it’s just us two we get on well, scheming plans and baking treats and generally getting up to nonsense. It’s those times that I am so thankful that we are so close in age. When he’s stolen my headphones, is hogging the remote control or has invited all of his friends in the entire world over on Paddy’s day to get drunk we are less amicable. But that’s just how siblings are I believe.

One of my favourite things about Eoin is his big fat heart, it usually only takes a couple of doses of perspective or reason if he’s acting the maggot and we are right back on track. Eoin knows how to apologise and forgives easily, he does not bare grudges or make rash judgements. He is friendly and smiley and happy and kind.

In the above photo we were chilling on the deck and I went to get some suncream. When he saw it was a spray bottle he said ‘spray it in my face’ so I did. It was hilarious, but the seriousness of putting on Daft Punk’s new album overshadowed the gross suncream/face situation and this was the face I captured. I hope he continues to grow into the lovely man he is becoming and manages to remain a little bit of a messer (which I think is kind of inevitable!).