Beius, Romania 2013 / Part II


I would love to write a little bit about my team in Romania if you would like to read. I had the absolute privilege of working with an incredible group of young people both on and off the building site. I knew from our team fundraising that I had seriously lucked out with these guys but it wasn’t until we got on site that I realised just how brilliant they were. They worked, tirelessly and relentlessly without complaint the entire time we were there. Their spirits were high and they were a joy to be around. Despite plenty of stressful situations (you know what I’m talking about Alastair!) while building we managed to work hard —and mostly happily— all week, we got the job done and I could no be prouder of them all. Any and all grievances were left at the building site and back at our house each evening we chatted as we queued for the shower and walked to dinner together, recounted the day as we ate and laughed on the terrance each night. I had a permanent smile on my face because hanging out with these guys was pure joy. They were mature and hardworking (I literally can not say that enough, each and everyone of them worked and worked and worked). They blew my expectations out of the water and inspired me to keep on going and work that little bit harder each and every day. 

I’d like to write a little note to each of them…as a reminder to myself about how wonderful they are but also because I would love to write to each of them individually and thank them for their commitment, their friendship and their fantastic work (but my arm might fall off if I had to pen 18 individual letters!).

**Warning this is going to be over sentimental…so bear with me, or just skip right to the end!**

Carmen—you were an absolute delight, always cheerful and such a hard worker. If sweeping and smiling were Olympic sports you would win gold. Every year. Thanks for your amazing attitude and outlook. 

Alastair—you knew what you were doing and always got the job done—a no nonsense kind of guy, with the loveliest smile (that never disappears!). 

Ben—you looked more at home on the building site than the builders themselves, your antics on the roof had me equally in awe and in stitches daily. 

Callum—you spoke beautifully at the dedication ceremony and summed the entire trip up when with your words describing the week as the most ‘useful thing’ you has ever done, you are a lovely guy with the kindest heart.

Michelle—you were never afraid to get stuck in on site…and a girl who can let an embarrassing story slide like water off a duck’s back is my kind of girl. 

Jason—you quietly worked away,  always determined and dedicated, always willing. Thank you.

Katie—always smiling and always working, you and Hannah did wonders with these bottlecaps!

Hannah—like Katie I don’t think I saw you outwardly tired or grumpy all week long, a trooper of the truest kind, you are a sweetheart. 

Rick—cool should be your middle name because in the midst of that plaster-boarding chaos you were calm and collected, which is exactly what we needed. You knew what you were doing and I thank you for your patience and expertise.

Ella—you are mature, confident and have a lovely insight. It was so nice to experience this week with you.

David—having never hammered a nail or screwed a screw I am incredibly proud of you and the work you did all week…your height was consistently a bonus too!

Luke—your ridiculous faces kept me laughing. You kept the gang happy and lighthearted and you worked so hard all week long, always willing to do whatever job came your way. 

Phil—as my boyfriend’s brother I felt like I knew you before we left…but it was so nice to get to know you as just you, away from the rest of your family. It was cool to hang out and have fun and talk. You worked hard (am I sounding like a broken record yet? You guys were the hardest working bunch I’ve ever met!) and were always willing to do whatever it took to get the job done.

Alan—your jokes were hilarious (and often inappropriate) and always kept morale high. You were enthusiastic and so, so kind. Watching you wish your mum a happy birthday in front of everyone was so sweet.

Eimear—your love of cement is hilarious. You are a girl who is not afraid to get stuck in to any task and you were so motivated and hard working. You literally just got the job done. It was so nice to chat to you at dinner and you tell the loveliest stories. I hope your life turns out just like you hope for. 

Kirstin—where do I begin with you? Your smile is infectious and your sense of humour hilarious. You tell the best stories, ask the funniest questions and have the most positive attitude. Thank you for being a fantastic team player and all round lovely person.

Orla—what a mature and grounded young woman you are. You gave 110% effort and told the funniest stories while waiting to shower in the evenings. If only Paul/Ben had had a son for you and Eimear!

Kate—watching you try and tell a story but being unable because you were laughing so hard is one of my highlights from the week…I have never seen you so giddy before and it was such a joy. You took on whatever task was asked of you and were always looking to help out. I’m sure the week was extra tough without being able to cook your food but you never once complained, you were an example to many. 

You will all go on to do great things. You may get exactly what you want from your exam results in August or you may not but I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you are each going to go on to achieve wonders. Thank you so much for being exactly who you are—that in itself is enough, and never let anyone or anything convince you otherwise. xo

**and end of sentimental stream.