A portrait a week, every week(ishhh), in 2013.


Where do I begin with Thelma? She is someone who is always genuinely totally happy to see you. You know the way sometimes you can run into someone and not be in the mood, or not have the time or the patience or the energy to chit chat? Well, Thelma is not like that. Whenever you need her she’s there. She is cheerful and eager to listen and tells the best stories. She always has the good gossip.

Thelma, is totally ace. She has graduated college already which completely freaks me out but her cool, calm and together attitude makes me feel like graduating next year won’t be that


of a deal. Thelma is ever supportive and comes to my silly college exhibitions and listens to my endless ramblings about my crap tutors and project mishaps. She slots right in with my brothers and sister and feels just like family. There’s nothing nicer is there?

Thanks for being such a dear friend Thelma…I am


happy we’re going to be neighbours again this year!