Back to reality.

Since coming home from the holycrap-BEST-holiday ever I have mainly been working. Actually I have only been working and working…with a teeny bit of socialising and internet purchasing/window shopping/wishlisting on the side of course.

If you follow me on instagram then you have seen almost ALL of these photos already so by all means end your voyage here.

Also, they are in no way conclusive or inclusive or emm anything cohesive to do with this post/the actual holiday. So maybe just go with it?

 The dungaree/jumpsuit thing on the left was AMAZING but too small. It killed me to put it back on the rack. The dress in the middle was cute but a little big and the fabric wasn’t amazing. The playsuit on the right is so cute I bought it and wore it home on the plane (as comfy as pyjamas!)

And here is a token raccoon having lunch out of the bin.

In other news I am editing a crappy little video of our Vancouver/Seattle/Portland/Vancouver trip so keep yo eyes peeled if you’re into that kind of thing. I may or may not post it. Depends on the cringe factor obvz.

And in better news our film photographs are ready and waiting for us to pick them up tomorrow! Woot woot! Excitement doesn’t even cover it!