Seattle, Washington, USA.

On Monday we loaded our bags on our backs and headed for Union Station (is it just me or are all of the bus/train stations in North America called Union something?). We were excited about the journey almost as much as the destination but I can’t say that I wasn’t a little bit nervous about the border crossing. We had heard horror stories about the bus to Seattle but the price tag was too good to pass up so we pulled up our bootstraps and decided to go for it. We were pleasantly surprise by a lovely driver, a pleasant enough drive and plenty of pit stops along the beautiful coast. 


We found the bus stop and located our airbnb ‘home’ easily enough. Letting ourselves into a strangers home was definitely stranger than strange but we were quickly at ease upon meeting our host. We were greeted with oven-fresh brownies and ice cold beers upon arrival and instantly bombarded with recommendations of things to do, places to go and restaurants try. Over the next 48 hours we made our way through most of the list and were not once disappointed once…a serious perk of airbnb if you ask me. We pottered aboutand found a place to eat, 

a film

 to watch and a bar to drink in. We chatted and flirted and drew pictures and drank cocktails.


The following morning we walked down towards the water, the bay opening up before our eyes as we got closer to the central business district. After touring Pike Market, eating the best Mexican food (tostidas!) from a hole in the wall—once again recommended by our host—and taking a breather on the boardwalk, we made our way back to an antique shop that we had spied on our way to eat lunch. I was particularly excited and thankfully justifiably so! I left with a dress, a giant ball mason jar and a 1960's map of NYC. I easily could have spent all of my money there. Our legs felt ready to give in but we persevered, shopping a little bit more and contemplating whether to take a water-taxi or do the renowned underground tour. We went with the latter and were greatly amused and interested by it. Richard even bought the book

After a long day of walking we collected ourselves and headed out for malaysian food (from another hole-in-the-wall place recommended by our host) which was, we both agree, hands down, the best meal of our entire trip. It was small, exceptionally cheap and unbelievably delicious. We licked the boxes and watched the sunset. We spent our last night in Seattle drinking red wine and sharing a brownie on the porch of our house. Seattle really surprised us and surpassed all of our —totally clueless—expectations. I’m so glad we went, the weather was beautiful, the city was fascinating and  our accommodation was truly a godsend. 

Our only regret is leaving so soon to head for Portland…