Vancouver, Canada >> Dublin, Ireland, Home.

We took the train from Portland to Vancouver and I think I spent the entire 8 hours in awe. The Oregon coat is no joke…with mountains out one window and the sea out the other it was truly breathtaking. I felt so overwhelmingly nostalgic and unbelievably lucky to be right there, right then…on the train, with my love, travelling to such stunningly beautiful places. 

We spent our last few days in Vancouver relaxing. We read by the beach, drank beer, ate and tried not to spend what little money we had left. 

We made sure to say our goodbyes to the Pacific. 

Gill took this photo of the two of us on the way to watch the fireworks from Kits. How handsome is my boyfriend? A few minutes before this photo was taken a guy stopped us on the street and gushed that Rich looked like a member of One Direction. Ha! Not sure if I like that or not buuut he sure meant it as a compliment!

We took this super awkward selfie before leaving to get the sky train to the airport. Our flights went off without a hitch and we BOTH slept almost the entire 9 hours home.

It was a miracle.