Whistler, British Columbia.

On Saturday Jack and Gill, (our amazing hosts, lovely friends and all around deadly people) drove us to Whistler. They certainly don’t call it Beautiful British Columbia for nothing, the drive was breathtaking. Mountains covered in snow appeared, literally, out of nowhere and the sea opened up before our eyes.

We checked into our room, dumped our stuff and headed out. Our destination was Loggers Lake for a float party. We lounged around in blown up boats and lilos and drank beer (or cider in my case) and laughed and chatted. There were around 200 people there from Canada and the rest of the world, with many accents and slang being bandied about. It was surreal. People kept saying things like ‘oh yeah, this is


a typical BC weekend’ and ‘we do this


the time’. It may not be the whole truth but it certainly has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

(Richard took all of the above photos because I left my camera at the hotel)

The following day we got up, feeling a little worse for wear, ate a tonnn of breakfast and headed to Lost Lake. It was beautiful. It is all beautiful. Snow capped mountains, rolling forests, glassy lakes and vast blue skies.

Jack and Richard in accidental matching stripes.

We had to have one of these…even if we do look a little rough (car naps make for sleepy faces!).

Next stop: Seattle, Washington, USA.