^^super sophisticated almost 22 year old young woman up there^^

Doesn’t twenty-two sound so much older than twenty-one? It doesn’t quite feel it…but I haven’t sunk into it all yet. I feel like twenty-two will be a good year. It will be the year I finish college. The year I witness (and ‘bridesmaid’…if you can use that word as a verb) my big sister get married, the year I organise a hen party, produce a degree show, write a thesis, read a LOT, work my bum off, stay in love, do some sweaty-ass yoga, and hopefully make some big and exciting decisions.

I feel like 22 will be the year that I really get to sink my teeth into more things that I want to do and less things that I have to do because of such and such or so and so.

This year was a lot more low key than last year’s celebrations but I still had the loveliest birthday with all of my favourite people who chose the most perfect presents* ever. Thank you ALL!

Expect more detailed posts and photographs and all that jazz sometime in the vague future.