On friendship.

I read an article last year (which I cannot find online) about the importance of stand alone friendships. That is to mean friendships that exist outside of groups of girlfriends or guy-and-girl-friends. I count myself lucky to have a friend like this. It is so easy to be honest and objective with this friend, with Joanna. Conversation is simple because we know that anything we discuss cannot go further than each other…and our boyfriends. And we love them, so that’s ok, right?!

Joking aside, this relationship is one that I value so very highly. A lot of that probably comes down to the fact that we have only ever known each other in isolation. It’s not that we don’t like each others’ friends or we avoid ever hanging out in group situations, it’s just that we became friends outside of school and college and the one mutual connection we did have is no longer a part of either of our lives. It just happens to be that we usually hang out just us two. It also just happens to be that we don’t see each other very often but when we do we pick right up and continue the conversation as if it never really ended. It never really does in good friendships.

Honesty can be a difficult thing for me in relationships, it’s sometimes hard to get past the superficial without getting ridiculously serious but I find that it’s something that comes effortlessly with Joanna. I feel that I can tell her anything and that she will never judge. Her example has made me strive to be a better friend, not just to her but to others. I want my friends to know that my response to anything, anything, with never be one of judgement. It can be hard at times. It makes me recoil to admit that, but it’s true. But I am learning and I am growing.

**I have no photos of Joanna and me, or just Joanna for that matter. I’ll have to rectify that soon. Buuut until then, enjoy this irrelevant picture of some greenery near my house that I took with my new Eos3