Christmas Post Swap (closed)

I love to give presents. I also love to get presents. I think most people do. So it's no surprise really that I love love love Christmas. Finding presents, making presents, buying presents, baking, cutting, sewing presents for the people I love is one of my favourite things to do.

I have participated in lots of gift exchanges via the internet...I did Laura's a couple of Christmasses ago and this year I signed up for Oh Comely's. Getting post, especially nice post, makes me almost as happy as making up a parcel of presents to post to someone else. If it weren't for the lines and the grumpy staff the post office would probably be one of my favourite places.

I thought this year I would host my own little gift exchange. There's a few people signed up over there on the left who follow this silly little blog of mine...and there's lots more who comment and visit and tweet and so I'd like to say a little thank you for visiting my tiny drop in the expansive Internet sea.

So, being that this is pretty much a film photography blog and me a design student I thought that my theme should have a little creative please get your glue and pritt stick out** and make something for your swap pal, this doesn't have to be crazy pinteresty perfect just something a bit different (a lovely photo you took, a recipe you love cooking, a mixed tape or CD orrr whatever else you feel like making!). I'm going to leave it wide open for you guys to include whatever you like (let's keep the price low, like 15-20 max) but sweets, yummy tea and little treats alwaaaays go down well in my book ;)

If this sounds like fun to you, sign up by clicking this link before the 20th of November. Please post your parcels before the 15th of December so they get to the recipients before Christmas.

After the 20th I will email you with your partners address and you guys can get swapping.

Open to everyone, no matter where you live...and everyone who signs up can expect a little present in the post from me too ;)

**Just kidding.

Photo of KateKB & I getting festive last year in the studio.

PS: That google sign up form is Cheeez-y.