The Dublin City Marathon

I happened to be in town the other day when the Dublin City Marathon was on. I had been feeling pretty grumpy but it’s really hard to stay in a bad mood when people are crowding the streets cheering on strangers running the last leg of a 27 mile race. Crowds of people taking positive action (like cheering or running or


) make my heart feel funny, kind of like the way groups of people singing in unison make me cry. I think it’s probably an affliction of the overly emotional or something. While I don’t think I would ever run a marathon (the task seems unsurmountable for me and my knees) it completely baffles me that people can and do…like my friend


, he trained himself and ran it, completing the staggering milage in 4 hours and 20 minutes! What a champ! 

 See that yellow line on the photo? Does anyone know what that is? Something weird happened to the second half of this roll of Portra 400 and I don’t know if it was my camera, my shooting or the lab processing or scanning? Any fellow film pals experience anything similar?

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