Detach, In Process

 I like to look at other peoples’ processes, probably because I am nosy but also because everyone does everything so differently, it is fascinating. Here is a peek at a book/journal/quarterly/fancy ‘magazine’ I am designing for my degree project.

It is called Detach and focuses on the the transitional time between being an adolescent and an adult. You know that horribly frustrating, not-earning-enough-money but for all intents and purposes independent period of time? Yeah, that. It’s really fascinating and satisfies my nosiness because spending large chunks of time talking to people and taking their photographs is my favourite thing to do.

I had intended on it being a book originally—and it still might—but I am experimenting with a quarterly format with each issue subtly encouraging conversation and reflection upon a different topic.

It feels like much more of a challenge this way because I need to come up with added material around the stories of the individuals I interview…and I need for this content to not seem too contrived or commercial or ‘filler’. I’m playing it by ear…it might just be a 200 page book at the end of the day if that’s what works better!

 Annnnnd now one with grids on, cause grids make me look like I have an iota of a clue what I’m doing.

How do you like to work? InDesign is my favourite…I do not understand those Illustrator heads, it drives me nuts! I prefer my illustrations to take place on paper with pens ;)