Some thoughts.

Sooo I made a facebook page for my blog. I don’t really know what to actually do with it. Or if it will actually work in directing more people to this little hovel of the internet I call my own. Or anything will come of it at all. Sure we’ll see.

In the meantime it would mean a lot if you were to pop over and give it an ole ‘like’ it would make me exceedingly happy!

In greater news I just hit send on an email to the printers with my four degree show books attached. Phew. I exhaled. And now feel about twenty tonnes lighter. I’m going to bake these biscuits and make some granola and maybe hem a dress I’ve been meaning to, walk the dawg and take the rest of the day and evening off.

Final year is stressful but I am not really stressed. At the end of the day I feel like I have done my best, worked as hard as I could through one of the most difficult periods of my life and have managed to produce some work I am incredibly proud of.  But it’s not the end of the world if I don’t do well, or if people don’t like it or if the printer fucks it up. These things matter, but they are not the most important. Knowing all of that is keeping me calm and ensuring that instead of stressing out I’m trying to look after myself. It’s simple really.

These photos are somewhat irrelevant, but also fun.

Me on Sandymount Beach.

Rich always manages to catch Lily’s grossest faces.

Waiting for the luas sitting on a chair I got at the flea market. Rich had to carry it the whole time and spent the journey telling me how awful it was, that it was full of woodworm and needed a leg and the back replaced. What a delight. I mean, he’s probably right, but I like it.

And lastly, my little pumpkin pie, I love her so much.