Assessment Aftermath (The End of an Era).

The degree show is over. The crowds came and went. The awkward conversations were had. The results are in. The sun has been shining for days. And everybody is pretty damn happy.

But for a second, let’s backtrack to when had just finished our assessments. We wanted to celebrate, to congratulate ourselves for surviving and finally enjoy some time together before the madness of the show set in. We all arrived—late, as usual—to William’s house and sat outside on the street in the warm evening. It felt european. We’re so not used to this nice weather.

I love these people. 

Having spent between thirty an forty hours a week sitting next to or across from these faces has made the shit days good and the good days excellent. We have taught each other so much more than our tutors ever could have. I feel lucky to be a part of a group of such talented, intelligent and kind individuals. It’ll be strange not going to college and seeing these faces (and lots more I didn’t capture on film) every day but I have no doubt that we’ll stick together. 

All of us pretty much live on the internet so we really have no excuse ;) 

^^ Nicole’s face! How cuuute is she!? ^^