Hiking :: Less than an hour from Dublin.

A couple of weeks ago Rich and I decided we needed a hike. We’d like to do this more than we do but things often get in the way. On this particular weekend we made it a priority. You have to make time, not find time, or so they say.

When we arrived at the valley I discovered there was no phone signal and I had failed to tell anyone where we were going or what we were doing. That felt a little funny, but also freeing.

I’ve written about this feeling before

. We ate some rolls in the car and grabbed two apples for the journey. Last minute I decided to change from shorts into leggings. And off we walked.

It was hot. I didn’t need a jumper. I needed shorts. We didn’t bring a bag, so Rich improvised a napsack. It held up pretty well. We didn’t bring water so we drank the river. It was so delicious. We didn’t know where we were going, but we walked on regardless. Rich was convinced there was a lake somewhere that we were meant to be discovering, the more we walked the less convinced we (I) grew. At this stage it might make sense to tell you that Richard is a scout, not that one could tell from the way we undertook this journey. I blame myself and he blamed me too. We left so ill prepared it was laughable. Which were able to do—intermittently.

Lack of provisions and bags and appropriate attire aside, it was a really beautiful hike. The air was crisp and the forest was dense and damp. The earth seemed to be exhaling all around us. The fact that these photos are


green makes me so happy. We really do live in such a beautiful place.