Everyday Adventure

Since moving to the Bay Area in early November we have visited the Golden Gate Bridge numerous times. We’ve driven across it, walked on it and cycled across it. The San Francisco side of the bridge lies on the edge of the Presidio, a beautiful hilly park with numerous trails for cycling, walking and picnicking. Across the bridge lies Marin County…a series of hills with beautiful vista points. Midweek pedestrians and cyclists share one side of the bridge but on the weekends the left side of the bridge is available for cyclists and the right for pedestrians. This makes for a much easier and faster cycle across the bridge and a much less hazardous walk for pedestrians. The views from either side of the bridge (and especially from the middle!) are pretty spectacular. 

The above photos are from a gloomy day we drove across the bridge to Marin County, took a left and pulled in at the second view point. It’s all very easily done. We wandered down towards Kirby Cove but decided to leave that adventure for another day as we were without water or food or proper attire for the long trek back up to the car. 

There’s also the option to head right off the bridge and down towards Sausalito, a sleepy fishing town. If you’re cycling and head down to Sausalito you can catch a ferry back to the Ferry Building on Embarcadero in San Francisco; a worthwhile trip that our friends have done numerous times and we plan on doing soon.