For Your Weekend.

We have been hiking and I have been reading. For the fifty or so per cent of my time not at work at least. It is a glorious fifty or so per cent. I wish it came in larger chunks but I’ll take my snippets here and there and where I can. A bart ride, a lunch break, a fly-by sunday outing. 

Sometimes I forget that my body is a biological, animal, feral thing and needs to be outside. I forget that I am my body and my body is me and there is no line or blur or disconnect. Or at least there shouldn’t be. Being indoors sucks life and being out of doors restores it. A simple equation so often forgotten. 

I also forget that I love to read. My ridiculous inner narrative says things like, it’s been so long since I read a good book. It’s been so long since I enjoyed a book, maybe I just don’t like reading any more. I would read a few pages and my eyelids would droop, too heavy for the words. Page by page, slowly creeping through a story muddied by sleep and time and missed days. I tried to read The Road. I stopped. I couldn’t. It never really started for me. 

But I don’t read to fall asleep. I read to wake up, to time travel, to understand, to be inspired. And so I got some better books. Because life is too short for bad books, cigarette smoke and wailing toddlers in supermarket aisles. Last Friday I stepped off the bart and into the second-hand bookshop in Berkeley and bought three books from this list and two more for good measure. So far I have read one short story, one memoir, one novel and half a book of short stories this week. Escapism is a real and beautiful thing. 

I have also been replenishing my wardrobe with ridiculous bright, cheap, vintage and thrift store dresses and expensive but much needed staples. Jeans, sandals and shoes, you know the drill. Next month I am dedicating a portion of my paycheque to t-shirts. It’s a thrilling life, but someone has to live it. 

Tomorrow I am going to work my little bum off on some fun, just-for-me work as well as some work for Moss Cottage before dragging Richard up a hill or down by the sea or to the park…and Sunday is wide open right now, just the way I like it.

Have you got plans? Tell me them all, I’d love to hear. xoxo