For the Weekend.


It’s all moving very quickly. It feels like I went to the Dublin Flea last weekend but it’s on again this weekend which means that three Sundays have passed between then and now. Where has the time gone? Before I know it I will be waking up another year older, twenty-three candles on my cake and twenty-three kisses on my lips. Of course, I love birthdays and I am not complaining but I just feel like there is so much to do. My room is a shambles, the floor barely visible. I have multiple posts in varying stages of drafts. There are debts waiting to be paid. A growing pile of clothes needing to be mended. A list of things yet to be done. And so many—too many—distractions. It’s a challenge to stay on task. 

There is time (I just need to remind myself).

Some days are productive and some days are not.

Both are good for the soul. 

As well as going to the flea are some things I plan on filling my weekend with:


Taking lots of photos. I’m thinking of trying this film over my usual 400. 

Maybe baking something sweet? This looks delicious. 

I’m going to see this play tomorrow night. I took the promotional portraits and am excited to see the actors do their thing. They are a lovely bunch of people. 

Maybe squeezing in a little work on this project. 

Working (but only for a few short hours).


And hopefully, sleeping a lot. Because that’s what weekends are for my friends. xoxo