Big Adventure: Moving.

I have been putting off this post for a long time.

I have been putting off thinking or doing anything about these plans for an even longer time.

I think that I thought if I just casually mentioned it to a couple of people then that would be that and I would not have to address the issue at large. But if you make plans you must follow through. And if your plans involve moving to a different continent for thirteen months then you are going to have to tell people about them. You are going to have to pay a lot of money, pack a lot of things, organise the hell out of your life and save like a maniac. 

At the beginning of November Richard and I are moving to San Francisco for a year, well, thirteen months to be exact. 

We had been thinking about going to the States once I finished college to avail of the graduate visa offered by USIT but had no concrete plans. Then lots of things became much more important and any plans to emigrate or travel took a backseat. As my finals approached and we began to think more seriously about our future plans it became evident that this was a now-or-never situation. We chose now. 

The thought of moving somewhere new terrifies me. Sometimes I’ll be doing something or walking down the street or watching TV and the fear will momentarily consume me. I can’t think of anything else. It’s completely irrational because I know it will all be fine. I mean, it will be amazing! It’s just new, and big and scary and not home. Haha. 

I’m super glad to be going with Rich, he couldn’t be more relaxed, assured or excited about the whole experience so at the moment we’re definitely evening each other out. He’s a good partner-in-crime to have. 


So tell me, have you been to San Francisco? (We haven’t! Which might be risky, but I’ve only heard good things :) Or have you moved away from home to somewhere completely new? How was your experience? Please do send all of your tips, recommendations and calming energy my way! 


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