For the Weekend.

It’s Friday, finally. This week has been a tough one. I think I’ve hit a three month wall here in the Bay Area. It feels like holiday time is over but I haven’t started work yet (visa sponsorship approval blah) and so I’m in this displaced limbo and don’t know what to do with myself. Add in some homesickness and it all adds up to a pretty crappy time. I’m trying to remember that all will be well (as my mother always says) and I chose this (as Lisa Congdon says). We had a huge full moon a few weeks ago, I took a couple of photos as we were driving across the Bay Bridge and then the next morning I saw my cousin has instagrammed a photo too (from Ireland). Sometimes home feels impossibly far away but knowing that we’re all under the same sky is a sweet kind of comfort. 

We are getting up early tomorrow to drive to Santa Cruz with a couple of friends for the day (putting these tips to good use). I am excited to listen to some good road trip music, feel the wind in my hair through the window and escape the city for a few hours. I hope your weekends are full of adventure! xoxo

This made me laugh out loud — I Went to a Taylor Swift Soul Cycle Class and We Need to Talk About It. (Aoife, this is for you). 

When things feel tough I like to reread this

Could you be nice for forty days straight? This sounds just like a lent-challenge I did a few years ago—it was hard, harder than I expected. But maybe it’s time to give it another go?

Made me laugh. (I confess though, I haven’t read the book and probably won’t see the film either)

This hyperlapse of San Francisco at night is beautiful. 

The perfect Galentine’s day card—are you ready for February 13th?!