Monthly Challenge #3

I’m going to have to begin this post with a disclaimer. I did not take any photographs of the food. I know, what is the point of getting the best brunch in San Francisco, taking photos and writing it all up here if I can’t actually share any evidence of said best brunch? I don’t really know. But I know that I like having this to look back on so I’ll forge ahead regardless. 

Mama’s was nominated ‘best breakfast’ in San Francisco by Time Magazine (for very good reason) though Aoife didn’t know this when she set the challenge. According to Time you should expect to wait ‘half an hour on weekends’, according to reality the wait is more like 90 minutes any damn day of the week.

By the time we got to the head of the queue (which exists both outside and inside the restaurant), made our order and grabbed a sea every single person in the place just looked like a piece of french toast to me. We didn’t speak, as I have learned (the hard way—is there any other way to learn things?!) that it’s better if I refrain from communicating until I’ve been fed, but listened in on the couples either side of us and eyed up their plates of food like starved animals.

Thankfully our food arrived quickly with a smile and a joke from our sweet waiter. We learned from the owner who greeted us at the door that Mama’s is a family business and everyone who works there is related in some way…whatever they’re doing they do it right as we learned that two new restaurants are in the works. 

Richard ordered the vegetarian eggs Benedict for us to share (and a side of bacon for himself) and I ordered the french toast tasting plate (also to share) which came with orange-cranberry, blueberry, cinnamon-chocolate, and brioche french toast varieties as well as fruit, maple syrup and a recommendation to try the jam on top. It was insanely delicious.  

It took a long time and a lot of walking until we felt like we were no longer going to burst. We will definitely be back with our visitors. Thanks again Aoife & Gary, challenge accepted, completed and thoroughly enjoyed.