Hiking :: Less Than an Hour from Dublin.

The weekend before my birthday Rich took me on a ‘hike’ (loose term, this was definitely not a challenge but it was beautiful and scenic and you couldn’t have done it in sandals, so there’s that) to Lough Bray on the Dublin/Wicklow border. The heather was bursting with purple-ness and whenever the wind died down the sun was surprisingly hot. It was one of those take the cardigan off and then put it on again, only to take it off again a few minutes later, kind of outings. We brought Lily and she was in her element, chasing every stone and stick and leaf going. She busied herself with a large rock while we sat by the lake and ate our picnic (which consisted of all my favourite foods…it was a pre-birthday event after all). It was such an easy way to fill up on fresh air and that freeing feeling of ‘country’ all the while being only thirty minutes from home. I think I need more of these kinds of things in my life. 

As excited I will be to explore San Francisco and all that the Bay Area has to offer (and it has a lot by ways of hiking and outdoor adventures) I am definitely going to miss the beautiful hills of home. If you stop moaning (about the weather/water taxes/public transport/pay cuts/the economy) for a few moments and actually breathe in what’s right on your doorstep you’ll realise it’s pretty spectacular altogether.