Everyday Adventure: Tilden Park

Last weekend we tentatively took the car (Rich drove and I did my best to navigate) out to explore the Berkeley Hills. After a quick visit to Lake Anza we continued the winding drive up to Inspiration Point. Here, we parked and walked towards the summit. It was a longer than expected walk but as we trekked higher and higher we both realised that it was exactly what we needed. Sometimes I forget that being outside is usually the best place for humans, me especially. Cabin fever is a real and dangerous thing ladies and gentlemen. 

Most of the track up to Inspiration point is out in the open air but one section cuts through a forest of tall eucalyptus trees. As you can imagine it smells divine. At the summit itself is a Peace Grove built by the Rotary Society. The views across the bay are beautiful. It is a perfect spot to stop and reflect or think or chat. We mainly drank in the view and paused for a few minutes. The landscape is unlike anything at home and yet the act of climbing and walking and exerting myself felt warmly familiar and comforting. We will definitely be doing more hiking here. It’s a great place to be outside.