Everyday Adventure

The best part about living in Berkeley is the easy access to both San Francisco and Marin County. I don’t care so much for the city—partly because I have to commute in and out five days a week to a job I don’t entirely love and partly because it is much more beautiful to admire from afar than it is to exist within it—but Marin County is particularly stunning. 

A couple of weekends ago we hiked to the summit of Mount Tamalpais. The day was hot and when faced with a fork in the road we chose the more challenging of the two: a steep, unrelenting incline. We walked onwards, single file, stopping periodically to listen to the insects around us, admire the birds of prey soaring above us and catch our breath. These pictures do no do the view justice. It was stunning. We sat at the top for a long time, admiring how far we had come and soaking up the Spring sunshine. Four pale Irish bodies do not a suntan make and by the time we had made our way back to the car we were all a little redder than we’d have liked.

But you live and learn; the following week we hiked from Stinson Beach and while I may have forgotten my camera at least I packed factor thirty. 


Lizards! These are exciting and exotic and a welcome treat along the road. Signs warning us of mountains lions were less so. 

We tried to do our most regal of poses (you know, to compliment the epic-ness of the location)…but I could barely keep a straight face. Below is our best attempt. 

Spending Sunday outside in the fresh air, using my body how it likes to be used—sweating, breathing, walking, running, climbing, living well—fills me up for a week of sitting, reading and staring at screens. It’s definitely not the worst way to start a week.