Everyday Adventure: Bernal Heights

Being away from home is hard. There are many beautiful and rewarding things about travelling and there are many difficult, challenging and stressful things too. Sometimes it feels as if the next twelve months are laid out before me in a never ending path that I have to walk before I can go home. It can feel overwhelming and consuming. There are so many different ways of doing things, small but significant protocols that we just don’t know yet. It can be exhausting trying to constantly decipher these codes. We can’t help but get frustrated with each other. Having no one else but this guy by my side means that he gets the good, the bad and the truly awful. We spent the car journey up to Bernal Heights Park bickering and sniping at each other. My navigation was not up to scratch and his driving was stressed. It was not our finest hour. 

Thankfully when we got to the top the view forced us to shut our mouths, cut the crap and just stop. We stopped and we watched and we took selfies because that is what our generation does. 

Growing pains are so called for a reason. I know when I do return home, when my twelve months are up, that the marks of this year with remain with me. I will have grown in immeasurable ways, I can already feel it happening.

At this time of year the sun starts to set around 5pm. We arrived at Bernal Heights at about 4.30pm and stayed for around an hour. I can imagine the view from this park is spectacular no matter the weather but the golden hour light is something special. Next time I will bring a blanket and a picnic and a jacket…it’s pretty windy at the top! It is also a dog walkers haven so expect to be greeted by lots of furry friends. Click here to get directions