A First Day.

I started my internship today. So much new information, names, protocols, projects, a new computer, filing system and, of course, remembering to use inches instead of centimetres…it’s only half past seven but no wonder I’m pooped! The process of finding and getting a job in San Francisco was not the easiest for myself or Richard. I am so thankful to have gotten one not only that I think I’m going to like but that will be of great benefit to my career when I return home (you know, the important part).

I’m planning on writing a series of posts on our experience of living and working abroad on the J1 internship visa which I hope will be of interest to some of you. I know I would have loved to have been able to rifle through someone else’s successes and failures, looking for pitfalls and searching for advice and camaraderie.  We have also learned so much from people here, each other and the experience of upping and leaving and trying to create a sense of home so far away, that I would love to share with you lovelies. Some days are really hard, I won’t lie but I think we both agree that ultimately it is worth it (and if it stops being so we can always go home). 

Tonight I have grand plans to lay out my clothes, pack my lunch and go to sleep early in preparation of Day 2—it’s all uphill from here.