Less But Better: Petria Lenehan

I have succumbed and purchased a few essentials. The no-buying experiment taught me a lot but a girl can’t survive in a single pair of jeans and ratty t-shirts, especially when she’s got to go to work. I have adopted the buy less, buy better mentality and this beautiful shirt fits ever so neatly into that category. I’d like to think that my money means something. I try not to be flippant with it and am beginning to really question the why and the how and the what of my purchases. I work hard to earn it and therefore try to spend it supporting someone else who’s working equally (or often moreso, as the case may be) hard. 

This shirt is by Irish designer Petria Lenehen and it is beautiful. I felt so beautiful wearing it and managed not to spill a drop of food near it (a serious achievement for me). When I tried it on at the sample sale in Scout I knew that I could not leave without it. I felt the same way about the Irish Linen Duster coat but I had to let that one go (one can’t move to San Francisco and buy new coats in the same few months).

I was once helping Petria and her husband out on a photoshoot for her former shop, Dolls. As we organised the clothes we chatted and I remember remarking how incredible it must be to own clothes like this. I think I uttered something along the lines of ‘I couldn’t ever afford this dress.’ Petria was quick to kindly retort ‘yet, you can’t afford it yet, but someday.’ She was right and here I am, someday. 


This shirt is crisp and sharp. It’s loose and a little androgynous. It goes really well with my grey jeans. The peter pan collar is the kind I’m constantly on the hunt for (and rarely find, except in vintage). I feel more like a grown up just for owning it. I know it will stand the test of time. It marks the beginning of my new, more considered, less wasteful wardrobe. For that, and many other reasons, I love it.