DIY Christmas Decorations.

For Christmas I made some of the littlest people I know decorations for their first (or in Emily’s case second) Christmas trees. It all started with some dresses I bought at the flea market a few weeks ago. I shortened the beige dress and so was left with a long piece of lace trim (it was on the inner seam of the dress) and a piece of material just wide enough to use to make decorations. I then shortened the blue dress and used its excess to make little outfits for the two bunnies and the bear. 

Here are the dresses in progress. 

Before and after of the blue dress, I haven’t taken an after of the beige one yet, but I didn’t change as much on it!

This is the pretty lace trim that was lining the hem of the beige dress. I picked it all off and used it on the little bunny and bear outfits. And thats the super complicated pattern I designed (for the bear I just made the ears shorter!). 

Here’s how they turned out! I’d like to think that the floral pattern on the beige fabric gives these little woodland creatures badass tattoos, haha. Either way I’m really happy how they turned out and I hope that they will survive for more Christmasses to come so I can see them in their intended habitat. 

Did you guys make anything sweet for your loved ones this year?


PS I’m always ever inspired by Artemis’ accomplishments, she is the Christmas crafting queen as far as I’m concerned ;)