What’s Better than a Friend who Visits?

A friend who visits with Cadbury’s chocolate from home, obviously. 

Joanna was here for a whirlwind three and a half days and we packed them full. I have not ate so much, laughed so much, talked or smiled so much as I did while she was here. Friends from home are the BEST. 

I didn’t take that many photos…probably because I was too busy doing the aforementioned eating, talking, smiling, laughing, but here’s a few if you’d like to take a look. 

Twin Peaks, Rich’s favourite first-stop tourist destination. 

The Mill, because even though it’s just toast, it’s really really good toast. 

That photo up there is my favourite from the whole weekend. It gives me such wanderlust…even though I live here. Weird.

We saw these guys perform two years ago in Portland at a Last Thursdays street festival…it was so random to come across them here in SF.

On Sunday we went to Alameda and I bought Shoshanna the bike! We were meant to go hiking but it rained all morning and so doughnuts and the flea market made for an excellent runner-up. 

Friends who visit are the best friends of all! We miss you Joanna, California is much sweeter with you in it!