A Dream Wedding at Ballyvolane House.

My sister Aoife married Gary just over a week and a half ago in the most beautiful location of Ballyvolane House near Fermoy, Co. Cork. The sun shone, the people smiled and there was lots of love and tears and laughter and elderflower prosecco. Everything was delicious, joyful and lots of fun. 


I didn’t take many photographs because I was far too busy being a bridesmaid, eating, chasing after a two year old rascal and drinking the aforementioned prosecco but here are the few from the big day.


We are super lucky to have a makeup artist in the family. My brother’s sister-not-in-law Nadia is a wonder…her work is incredible and she’s lovely to boot. Wedding guest come makeup artist? We’d highly recommend it! 


They got married in a tiny little church in Ballyhooly. We decorated it the night before with dried lavender, ribbons and fresh flowers from the market. Turns out my older brother is a bit of a dab hand at flower arranging. Who would have thought it?

Rich drove the wedding car, his dad’s classic mini. I made big ribbon streamers for the little wing mirrors and scribbled ‘just married’ along with some hearts (with a little help from Emily) onto the back and side windows to send them off. 

We also surprised them with some lavender and rose petal confetti. I stamped silly things like ‘hooray,’ ‘kisses’ and ‘woo hoo’ onto brown paper bags, cut across the top with a pinking shears, filled them with the confetti and then Eoin sewed them shut. They turned out really well and Richard’s car smelled like lavender the whole way back to Dublin after the weekend. Win win win. 


These are two of my favourite people in the world. I can’t even describe how I feel about them, it’s just huge. 

Look at that little Lola bear up there. I think I win the prize for cutest niece ever. 

I didn’t get a photo of this but they cut the cake with a SWORD. It was amazing. Don’t worry, the photographer took like a million. 


Then it was time for dinner (delicious), speeches (sweet and succinct) and dancing. Gary’s band reunited for a few songs which was pretty epic. Look at his little drummer face up there. My brother and law ladies and gentlemen!

We danced and danced and sweated and danced until we fell into bed. 


The next day we got up early and did it all over again, but that’s a whole other post in itself. I can practically taste your anticipation. Ha!