Less But Better: Babaà

Before I left for San Francisco I bought myself something I had been admiring, contemplating and coveting for quite some time. Babaà is a company that I firmly believe in. Babaà makes beautiful, sustainable, high quality knitwear for children and women. Marta is the kind of business woman I one day hope to become, working for something she believes in with a deep sense of reality and grace. Her instagram always brings a smile to my face.

This jumper, No.4 in Ash is my first but certainly not my last purchase from Babaá. It is so cosy, falls beautifully and I know will last a lifetime. I won’t be putting an embargo on all purchases for 2015 but it is my firmest intention to continue to buy less and buy better in all areas of my life. 


This last picture startled me a bit when I first saw it…I got such an intense flashback to my mother when I was a child. She had this big wooly grey jumper that she wore all the time and my same curly hair and I can’t help but see herself in me whenever I wear this jumper. Which I hope she’ll agree is just a bonus. 


Photos taken by R at Alamo Square Park.