Some Goodbye Drinks.

I have so many thoughts and words and feelings whirling around in my brain right now. The ability to be cohesive and coherent is probably half way gone but I will persevere, for the sake of posterity and gratitude. 

Last Saturday we had a little going away get together. I made one of those awful facebook events and we invited all of our favourites to come and drink and commiserate and celebrate with us. Being the centre of attention is mildly uncomfortable for me and I find bouncing from group to group making sure that everyone is seen to a bit of a challenge.

This party was different. Or rather, it was the same and I had just forgotten that these things are always great. People are lovely. I have the best friends and the best family. Everyone was so happy and so excited for us…so much so that I even began to feel a little bit of excitement too. I don’t know yet what San Francisco has to offer but if it is home to people have as good as the guys I’ve got here then that will be something. 

The outpouring of offers of contacts—friends of friends of sisters, cousins of distant school mates, brothers sisters nephews—in the Bay Area who are willing to email and chat and offer advice and assistance has been incredible. Time and time again my belief that people are good and kind and loving is reaffirmed. 

I have the best friends and will miss this crew more than anything*.

*But I am looking forward to some of them coming to visit us (I’m looking at your Nicole!). 

PS These photos are the worst, I took them on a little yashika I bought in a charity shop with a seriously questionable focal length…but they do have a weird warm and fuzzy nostalgic quality to them which I just love.