Sonoma County

Our kindly landlords (or our ‘american parents’ as R & I have taken to calling them behind their backs—er eh, on the internet, hi guys!) drove us up to Sonoma County a couple of weeks ago to go wine tasting. That is what one does in Northern California, apparently. It rained on the way up—which made for a very quiet day in the vineyards—but had stopped by the time we reached our first destination: DeLoach Winery. We toured the winery, learned about bio-dynamic farming (which sounds less like agriculture and more like witchcraft if you ask me), chit chatted with the animals and tasted lots of delicious wine. We had a picnic here and visited the animals all over again before heading on to Twomey and then Preston wineries.

Of all the places we saw Preston stood out as my favourite (despite the fact that we didn’t taste their wine—next time!). It has such a homey feel; fat cats lazing about, pergolas overflowing with flowers, and an honesty-system farm shop with fresh eggs from the hens and salad leaves from the garden. We are definitely planning on bringing my mum here when she comes to visit. 

And now for the picture portion of this blog post. The shop had run out of colour film but I had a roll of black and white knocking around so we put it to work. Half of me wishes I could show you the beautiful colours of the flowers at Preston and the other half of me is in love with all the rich textures that b&w brings to the fore. We’ve got no choice but to go with the latter, so enjoy. 

These lambs were all brand new. Our guide told us about how the little black one was rejected at birth and had to be bottle fed. He was so sweet and so soft I could have scooped him up and taken him home. 

Cats are Richard’s happy place. There were a few cats at Preston and they were all HUGE. This one was a beautiful grey colour and reminded me so much of Mog, The Forgetful Cat

Look at this! The posing! And the snuggling! I can’t get over it. 

And here are some unbelievably cute chicken wagon houses. Good night Sonoma! We’ll see you again soon.