Everything is Worthless Again.

I have been wanting to share this shoot for such a long time…and today is finally the day. I always love working with Gwen and this project was no exception. She has impeccable taste, style and work ethic. I photographed her final year collection back in June and today our work was published on two websites, the stunning Polish magazine Thisispaper and also the beautiful closer-to-home Yeller

Make sure to click through those links to read what both sites had to say and to catch a peek at Gwen’s statement. Her collection has such an intriguing idea behind it. 


I am so proud of this work. And of Gwen’s work. And of Ciara’s lovely modelling. It all just came together and we enjoyed ourselves (despite the fact that the studio we shot in was about a million degrees). 

So please go and look and share and like and love on it all here, there and everywhere.