Lake Tahoe: Emerald Bay

The day after Christmas we bundled our bodies back into the car and drove to Emerald Bay. The winding roads through the park—where I noted reside many wooden cabins and campgrounds, perfect for summer returns—around the lake and up toward Emerald Bay are beautiful. This well known spot is so for a reason and despite the crowded car park and jostling tourists the view was worth it. Given the altitude and the lake winds it was exceptionally cold. We clambered atop the rocky crest and soaked in our surroundings, took a few photos and joked about forgetting to bring our swimming togs. 

Cold but beautiful is how I’ll always remember these few days away. 


Emerald Bay is located on the South shore of Lake Tahoe a short drive from ‘downtown.’ There are a number of viewpoints along the road from which to stop and admire the lake below. While you certainly won’t be alone in visiting the Bay it is definitely worth it…and as you can see from above it is easy enough to capture photos without the tourist backdrop! For more information about visiting and accommodation options within the park see the Emerald Bay State Park website