Please forgive me, I am feeling deeply nostalgic. I think it’s probably because I’m leaving in less than a month, for more than a year. Maybe it’s because it’s the first autumn in 18 years that I haven’t gone to any kind of school. Or maybe it’s because I’m getting old. Just kidding. I know I am not old. Just older than I used to be. Which is a good thing. Ageing is a process that I am privileged to experience. I know that. 

And still. I look at these photos that I took a couple of weeks ago and can’t help but think that the leaves are probably more a shade of orange-y brown now, and those bare arms would need a jumper if not a coat to keep them warm. The sky grows a little darker a little earlier each day. The season is closing in upon us. 

Change is not coming, change is already here, happening before our very eyes and the leaves dry up and the wind whistles through bare branches. Change is the constant of each day.