Everyday Adventure: Treasure Island

Treasure Island is located between San Francisco and The East Bay (where we are currently living). We have driven across the Bay Bridge a number of times and the sight of the magnificent bridge looming into view with the city behind it as you emerge from the Treasure Island tunnel is something else. We have pulled off to admire the city a couple of times now. Day or night it is always worth the moment of pause. The sunset over the city is particularly spectacular.

Like the iconic views of the New York skyline from the water Treasure Island provides a point of reflection on the city of San Francisco with the ever-loved Gold Gate Bridge usually visible in the distance (fog dependent of course!). 

Treasure Island holds a unique place in the hearts of many Irish immigrants as it is home to PΓ‘irc na nGael, San Francisco’s own GAA club. We also passed a lively lacrosse game one sunny Saturday morning and it hosts a monthly flea market we plan on visiting soon. 

The island is entirely man made and was built between 1936 and ’37 in preparation for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition. Though it resides between the East Bay and San Francisco itself it is considered a neighbourhood of San Francisco. There are no BART stops here but you can reach the Island from the city or from the East Bay by bus

I feel like photos of people on their phones are like the new people-lighting-up-a-smoke photos. You know that moment where you capture someone so totally engrossed in what they are doing that they have no idea you are taking their photo; a truly candid moment. Either way I am in love with this shot.