Everyday Adventure

We ended up at Muir Beach purely by accident. Our intended destination was the redwood forests of Muir Woods. However we quickly realised that the rest of the city had that same idea and after the first, second and third car parks were full we called a spade a spade and looked for something else to do. I’m always up for a beach visit of any kind and Muir Beach was—as the name suggests—right next to the woods. The car park had plenty of spaces, there were public toilets, a number of walking trails and salty sea air.

Sometimes its best when your plans don’t work out and you’re forced to find an alternative activity. Spontaneity is good you. We hiked a short trail, walked out to the edge of a cliff (insert nervous heart beats here), saw a weird little vole/mole/rat creature and made our way down to the sea for some cold, wet feet dipping. 

The Californian coastline really is beautiful. 


Muir Beach is located in Marin County (pronunciation guide tangent—I would say MAR-in, but Californians pronounce it Me-RIN, totally different and confusing and they will make no effort to understand an ‘incorrect’ pronunciation) which resides over the Golden Gate Bridge. Click here for directions. The Woods are still on our list but as $7 per person they shall wait until after pay day. The beach is, as it should be in my opinion, entirely free! On a warm day it would be lovely to bring a picnic and hang out for an afternoon.