San Francisco: Arriving.


We arrived into San Francisco airport late on Thursday evening after two flights. Dublin to JFK was smooth and comfortable. I finished my book and watched a film. JFK to San Francisco was less so, but we made it and I will be happy to not step foot on another plane for a while. 

Currently we are staying in Berkeley with friends of Rich’s mum. The apartment we are staying in is creaky and character filled. It is accessed by walking under an arch of fragrant honeysuckle. Yesterday we attempted to orientate ourselves by walking around, getting some sunshine and figuring out what is what. We walked up towards UC Berkeley and wandered through the beautiful, squirrel filled campus. Jet lag got the better of me and I found it hard to stay conscious through a five thirty dinner. 

Today we were given a ‘dollar tour’ of the city with our host Chris who brought us all over San Francisco, pointing out landmarks and tourist attractions along the way. We ate lunch outside at the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park in the company of some very cheeky and well socialised black birds and starlings. It was one of those occasions where as I was queuing up to order I realised I was completely ravenous. I ordered a veggie burger and Rich a salad with the intention of swapping half way through…but mine was too good to share more than a couple of bites! Ha! After admiring the Golden Gate Bridge from afar we were driven across it and stopped to take some awful touristy, but obligatory, selfies on the other side. 

We met with a friend from Dublin for a drink in the afternoon at a bar called Mikkeller and for a little while I forgot we were even in California. After that Rich dragged me up a huge hill…which was worth it for the candy-floss-pink sunset we were awarded with at the summit.

Dinner, chats and an accidental BART misadventure later and we’re home, trying to stay awake just a little while longer in the hopes of a later morning tomorrow. Jet lag is but a small price to pay. 

So far so good San Francisco, I think we’re going to like it here.