Love Notes, #cliomakes

Sending messages to friends and family has been a huge comfort to me when I’m feeling a little homesick over here in California. I love sending parcels. As a child, I had a few pen pals and I remember being so exciting to both receive and send happy messages through the post. USPS is insanely expensive and at the moment (waiting on that first pay check is the worst!) its hard to justify the splurge but I just love the feeling of sending something through the post to someone I love. 

In a flurry of inspiration after James Victore’s CreativeLive workshop I made some hand lettered pieces, wrote some little love notes and sent them out to friends at home. The experience of making, writing and sending these was so therapeutic for me and seeing them pop up in my instagram feed a week or so later was such a treat. I’ll definitely be doing another round sometime soon.

Clockwise from top left, photos by  Claire ,  Joanna ,  Nicole  &  William . 

Clockwise from top left, photos by Claire, Joanna, Nicole & William

Do you ever send happy post? Isn’t it the best to get something that’s not a bill or junk through the letter box?